Best Friend Game
Best Friend Game
Best Friend Game

Best Friend Game

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The Best Friend Game includes 250 questions to see how well you really know your friends.

How To Play:

  1. You'll need an even number of people (at least four) to play.
  2. Get into teams of two, in each team, one person gets a green board and one person gets a blue board.
  3. Someone draws a card from the deck and reads the question aloud. If the question card is blue, that question is about the players with the blue boards (and vice versa for green). Both teammates answer every question.
  4. Everyone writes their answer in secret, trying to come up with the same answer as their teammate.
  5. One pair at a time, players flip over their boards simultaneously to see if they have a matching answer. If the answers match, that pair gets a point.
  6. Keep score on the top of your game board.
  7. First pair to 7 points wins.