Launched in 2020, Haven Philly started as an idea between two owners that enjoyed a nostalgic pastime and wanted to introduce something new to Philly; and has evolved into an organization that has the goal of using board games to build community, cooperation and dialogue. Board games have been found dating back to 3000 BC and are formed everyday; many coming from times of great tragedy such as The Great Depression or the Polio Outbreak.

Haven Philly strives to attract not simply the hobbyist gamer, but those of all levels of experience and background. As we visited board game cafes around the country, we did not find one that was owned or managed by African Americans. This confused us because board games transcend racial lines, so we wanted to change this. Haven Philly is the first black-owned board game rental service in Philadelphia.

Board games are a great way to bring family, friends, coworkers, and at times, strangers together to forget momentarily about the world and focus on the world on the board. We started this game rental service to help you continue to build new memories and to show everyone that there are more options to game night than Monopoly and Sorry.

We are always accepting suggestions on games to add to our inventory. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us using the Contact feature below or emailing us at support@havenphilly.com. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay up to date with news regarding Haven Philly.

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Community Partnership

This core value recognizes our need to become a member of the community, investing in organizational relationships and participate in its continued development.

Third Place

A “third place,” with "home" first and "work" second, is a place where people exchange ideas, have a great time, and build relationships.

Historical Awareness

Whether through awareness, perspective or identifying our ability to build relationships with others, board games hold historical influence in the world.

Responsible Sourcing

We will prioritize purchasing from suppliers that come directly from our surrounding Philadelphia community that consistently practice environmentally-friendly production methods.


To learn more about our rental service, you can call or email us at:

Rental Inquiries Phone: 267-223-5366
Rental Inquiries Email: rental@havenphilly.com

For any other queries: info@havenphilly.com